The first CD of Safe Water Sports called a "dive into the Blue" has been released with the support of MINOS EMI.
Many famous artists participated in the accomplishment of the CD. The music is composed by Despina Sougioul, the Greek lyrics are written by the author Vaggelis Iliopoulos, the English lyrics are written by Faye Kafetzopoulou, the orchestration - programming is performed by Lefteris Xanthis and the Production's Management is conducted by Nektarios Kokkinos.

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Now that summer is approaching, join us in the Mediterranean Garden, Stavros Niarchos Park, for Safe Water Sports, an opportunity to learn how to be safe while enjoying water and having fun. Swim in your imagination at the gorgeous Safe Water Sports Beach, along with your favorite Playmobil sets, and discover how to stay safe on the beach and in the water. Identify the dangers lurking on our imaginary beach, along with Octopus Safe, and tell your stories using Story Cubes.