Safe Water Sports at the official curriculum for elementary schools

The educational program of Safe Water Sports has been included to the ''Skills Workshops'' by the Ministry of Education. It is a program about safety at sea that has been added to the official curriculum for elementary schools in Greece.
In 2016, the Organization, started from scratch having on its side many volunteer teachers. Now, 4 years later it managed to complete an interdisciplinary educational program, rich in content, that has been approved by the Ministry of Education and is scheduled to teach students at primary schools as part of the official curriculum part.
The educational program "Safety at sea, in water sports and in swimming pool" has been included in the section:
Live better - Live well ------> Self-care, Safety and Prevention, Road safety and addresses to students of 2nd grade-6th grade. 

According to the Ministry of Education, Skills Workshops, are introduced to 218 pilot schools (click here to see the list of schools) during the mandatory, weekly schedule starting in September 2020. The main goal is to provide students life skills, mild skills and digital literacy skills. It is expected that during the period of 2021-2022, these workshops will be available throughout all schools in Greece. From now on, Safe Water Sports educational program is official as it is suggested by the Ministry of Education itself. Teachers will attend seminars that will take place on specific dates regarding the teaching method to students. 

Skills Workshops are considered to be an innovative teaching and educational activity that is suggested to be included in the pilot inclusion of new thematic cycles at Kindergarten and during the official curriculum of elementary schools and High Schools, by using methods of exploratory type of learning. The aim is to foster the cultivation of soft skills, life skills and digital and science skills to students, in conjunction with the configuration of a modern program framework.

The necessary educational material that will be used by the designed platform of IEP, entitled "Platform 21+", will provide educational material and / or educational guide, audiovisual educational material and / or worksheets, suggested school activities for laboratory and experiential approach to the topic, assessment and self-assessment sheets and in some cases, informational material for the parents.

The Founding Donour of the educational program of Safe Water Sports is Stavros Niarchos Foundation.