At Moustakas Toys Stores you can buy from our special stand, toys, books and other accessories with the "Octopus Safe" and the Safe Water Sports logo specially designed for the summer and our little friends.

The first official presentation of the new book of the author Mr. Vangelis Iliopoulos, with illustrations of Ms. Vily Karabatzia,  entitled "The Octopus Safe and the Three Musqueteers" (editor PARAKIS), took place on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, with great success. 

Olympiakos, within the action "Do not stop helping", supports Safe Water Sports initiative. On Friday 5/2/2016 Mr. Paschalakis Panagiotis and Mr. Dimitrios Bonis, from Safe Water Sports, visited Olympiakos Piraeus sailing facilities and met with representatives of the Board of our association and with athletes associated with 'water' sports.