Development of Innovative Interactive Games for Smart Portable Devices and Innovative ICT Applications Utilizing Creative Content Aimed at Educating and Informing Children and Adults about Health and Safety in the Sea and Water Sports (VirtualLifeGuard)

The project's objective is the development of an advanced interactive virtual reality game for the education of children and young people on sea safety and during water-related sports and recreational activities. Within the project, a platform will be developed that will deliver educational scenarios for children aged 12-17 in the form of an interactive virtual reality game (VR Game), aiming to teach them about their safety in the sea and water sports through interactive gaming. The platform will have an administrative tool for real-time adaptation of scenarios to the target audience, enabling the production of different difficulty levels and the creation of new scenarios.
For the development of this game, the basic safety rules that need to be communicated will be documented and incorporated into the game to combine knowledge with entertainment. Thematically, safety will cover the presence of children and young people at the beach, swimming, and participation in sports and recreational activities in the sea. A three-dimensional graphical environment will be developed, presenting a realistic beach where the user will be transported either by wearing special glasses or by playing the game on a computer. The project is coded as T2EDK-00799 and is being implemented within the framework of the "Research - Create - Innovate, Second Cycle" action, funded by the Operational Program 'Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (EPAnEK), NSRF 2014-2020."

The project involves the participation of SAFE WATER SPORTS, Omega Technology, AKTO, and Ellinogermaniki Agogi