Hydrofoil board with an electric motor: A water-resistant float, on the lower part of which a hydrofoil is attached. The upper hydrofoil consists of (i) a hull attached to a shaft, within which a passive-cooled electric motor is integrated, and at its end, a propeller with an adapted protective cage is placed, and (ii) two wings attached to the front and rear parts of the shaft. The hydrofoil is equipped with a GPS navigation device. Inside a compartment of the float, a waterproof, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is placed. Its operation is controlled by the user through a remote control device, adapted and secured on the user's wrist, which is connected to the motor via wireless technology (bluetooth). The remote control has a safety lock function that prevents unintentional starting of the motor.
The use/circulation of the above-mentioned hydrofoil board is prohibited:
a. by individuals under the age of twelve (12) years. For individuals aged between twelve (12) and eighteen (18) years, its use is allowed under the following conditions:
a1. with the consent of the person exercising parental care or guardianship, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, who also certifies that the minor knows how to swim, and
a2. under the supervision of the lessor or another person associated with them in a working relationship, using an appropriate means, according to the judgment of the above-mentioned person, at a distance not exceeding fifty (50) meters from the hydrofoil board during its use. The maximum number of minors accompanied by the person mentioned in the first subparagraph should not exceed two (2), and the minors must follow their instructions.
b. by individuals, regardless of age, who do not know how to swim,
c. if the user does not wear a helmet and an impact vest,
d. before it is determined by the lessor or the user that the battery and remote control are fully charged,
e. before sunrise and after sunset,
f. in rocky marine areas and outside protected bays or harbors,
g. within ports, marinas, and fishing shelters, subject to paragraph (a) of Article 30 of Law No. 20,
h. if the water depth is less than two (2) meters,
i. among bathers and at a distance of less than two hundred (200) meters from the usual point where bathers reach in swimming, in marine areas not marked with floating buoys under Article 26 of Law No. 20, or
j. at a distance of less than two hundred (200) meters from the outer part of the floating buoys of Article 26 of Law No. 20, or
k. at a distance of three hundred (300) meters from the coastline in marine areas where there are no bathers.
The speed level developed up to the points of subparagraphs (a), (b), and (c) of paragraph 1 is less than five (5) knots and does not allow the lifting of the hydrofoil, which is performed by exiting those points.
The start and return of the leased hydrofoil board of paragraph 1 from and to the coast, respectively, are carried out within a defined lane.
The leased hydrofoil boards of paragraph 1 circulate only in marine areas where there is the possibility of visual contact and control by the lessee. The lessor, using the Geofencing software provided by the hydrofoil board, has the ability to restrict the power of the motor in case they find that the lessee creates dangers, especially for the safety of bathers and navigation or circulates outside the boundaries and in violation of the restrictions set out herein.
The granting of leasing approval to a lessor for more than three (3) hydrofoil boards of paragraph 1 is prohibited.
The simultaneous circulation of hydrofoil boards of paragraph 1 with an individual watercraft - personal watercraft under Article 9 of Law No. 20 is prohibited.