Sponsorship Activities by Safe Water Sports for 2023-2024

1. Annual Strategic Sponsorships:

These are actions and initiatives that have already been initiated and continue on an annual basis. The sponsor can choose to be a strategic sponsor for the following actions:

  • Educational program
  • Information technology for sea safety
  • National safe swimming program
  • Safe Water Sports app
  • Awareness campaign for the elderly
  • Accident observatory
  • Certification of water sports businesses

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2. Special Sponsorship Actions: 

These are new initiatives/actions of the Organization that we plan to implement in 2024. These actions include:

  • Creation of an interactive film on children's safety in swimming pools
  • Development of educational digital games for water safety
  • Ocean Lab: Educational visits for children
  • E-learning platform for the National Safe Swimming Program
  • Development of the Safe swimming program for elderly
  • Awareness Visits of Open Care Centers for the elderly
  • Creation of TV spot regarding the safety of senior citizens
  • Development of software for digital controls on private recreational boats

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