Actions of Safe Water Sports for 2024

1. Creation of an interactive short film for children's safety at the swimming pool:

Safe Water Sports plans to develop an interactive short film for the safety of children at the swimming pool as part of primary education, aiming to more effectively cover children's education and information on safety in swimming pools. Building on our experience from 2021, where we developed an interactive short film for children's safety at sea and in water sports, which forms the core of our educational program for secondary education, we are planning a similar initiative for children's safety at the swimming pool.

The short film will include 10-15 scenes related to a safety and hygiene rule at the swimming pool. For each scene in the film, two versions will be filmed: the correct one, where the protagonist makes the right and safe choice, and the corresponding incorrect one, where the risks of that choice will be evident. All scenes will be part of a continuous story in which the children themselves will be the main characters.

The viewer following this interactive educational film will be asked to shape the story's progression by answering questions that will be interspersed throughout the narrative, choosing between the correct or incorrect answer. The incorrect answer will highlight the dangers associated with that choice, allowing for the absorption of the required knowledge in the most suitable and effective way.

2. Creation of educational digital games for water safety:

Safe Water Sports has designed a series of entertaining and educational interactive digital games for water safety, targeting elementary school children and also aiming to create games for older children (middle school and high school), in order to capture their interest in multiple and diverse ways using technology. The interactive games will be presented within a special application (app) for mobile devices, which is freely available from Safe Water Sports (iOS, Android), as well as on the organization's electronic educational platform, accessible to schools in Greece and Cyprus for the implementation of the educational program approved by the Ministry of Education. Finally, these games will be utilized in the educational program conducted at the organization's facilities and presented by specially trained staff.

3. Ocean Lab: Educational visits for children

Safe Water Sports, aiming to raise awareness in society regarding the enhancement of water safety and to provide all schools and students with the opportunity to make free educational visits with the purpose of learning about water safety rules, has created, with the approval of the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, the Ocean Lab, a specially designed, digital, educational yet entertaining space within the organization's facilities.

The purpose of these visits is to educate and inform primary and secondary school students about topics related to safety in the sea, water sports, and swimming, using technology and a series of specially designed games that capture children's interest while providing them with the necessary knowledge.

The specially designed space can accommodate up to 50 children per visit, up to 2 times a day, on weekdays, with a duration of 90 minutes each time. From February 2023 to June 2023, more than 5,000 students from schools within the Attica region visited the specially designed space.

The cost for the sponsor who will undertake to support the operation of this specific space will include:

• Branding of the sponsor at the premises of the space (indoors/outdoors with posters).

• Payment of trained staff responsible for conducting the educational briefings.

• Monthly transportation cost of students by bus, from school to the educational space and back to school.

4. E-learning platform for the National Water Safety Program:

To complete the National Water Safety Program, designed by Safe Water Sports for children aged 3 months to 14 years with the support of the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, and under the auspices of the Hellenic Swimming Federation and the Hellenic Pool Lifesaving Federation, which has been incorporated into the 'Skills Labs' of the Ministry of Education that is part of the compulsory curriculum of primary education, an e-learning platform will be created for information and assessment. Coaches and swimming instructors will be able to register for free and access materials related to each stage. This platform will serve schools, swimming clubs, and swimming pools alike.

The platform will provide detailed instructions for each stage/level through audiovisual material and videos that will be created. It will include a recommended exercise program, theory, forms for assessing children, and assessment tests for swimming instructors.

5. Water Safety Program for Seniors:

Every year, on average, 350 people lose their lives in our country's aquatic environments while participating in recreational activities. 80% of the individuals who lose their lives in our seas are over the age of 60.

For the first time in our country, Safe Water Sports will create a comprehensive swimming program to teach basic knowledge to seniors.

In order to maintain both their physical and mental health and to stay safe in the water, it is essential for the elderly to incorporate swimming into their daily lives. Learning swimming behavior in the water can lead to multiple benefits, such as enhancing the body's ability in case of an emergency, reducing the risk of injury or drowning, improving physical exercise, reducing fear, increasing the range of motion in the water, strengthening muscles, and improving heart circulation. The swimming program for seniors will include the development of swimming skills (entering and exiting the water), recognizing water risks, presenting survival techniques in the water, and explaining basic safety rules that must be followed before and during swimming.

This specific program will be implemented by swimming instructors in collaboration with municipalities and the Open Care Centers for the elderly.

6. Awareness Visits of Open Care Centers for the elderly:

Safe Water Sports, under the auspices of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, in collaboration with the Hellenic Coast Guard and with the assistance and support of the Ministry of Health and the Hellenic National Public Health Organization, has created an informational campaign for the safety of seniors in the aquatic environment. This campaign consists of a series of advice and awareness spots (which are broadcast on television and in the media) aimed at promoting safe swimming and beachgoing. The purpose of this campaign, which is presented to seniors through Municipalities, open care centers and healthcare service providers, is to prevent drownings and reduce accidents that occur annually in our country.

In 2023, the organization successfully partnered with the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the Neraida Floating Museum, which covered transportation costs, to conduct these visits to the Neraida Floating Museum.

This year, for the first time, the organization aims to enhance its awareness campaign and collaborate with the open care centers of Attica by organizing free visits to its facilities (11B Konitsis Street, Marousi). With the support of the sponsor, the organization aims to cover the transportation costs of seniors from these centers to our facilities. Each center will be responsible for coordinating with the transportation company, and the organization will not be involved in this process.

The goal is to provide seniors with the maximum opportunity to access information to prevent further tragedies.

7. Creation of a TV spot regarding the safety of Senior Citizens at sea:

The organization intends to create an awareness campaign for television and social media platforms, emphasizing the importance of prevention and safety in aquatic environments. This specific video will be broadcast as a public service announcement throughout the summer, from June to September, during peak hours, much like other informational videos by the organization focusing on the safety of senior citizens. In 2023, the organization's awareness videos had over 3,000 appearances on TV, with the following statistics:

  • 61% of the audience saw the message at least once (representing R1+ coverage).
  • The total appearances generated 781 grps among the 18-54 age group.
  • The average frequency of message reception was 12.8 times, indicating a high rate.

For this particular video, the organization has already been in contact with the production company, has the script ready, and the cast has been selected.

8. Development of Software for Digital Inspections on Private Recreational Boats:

Safe Water Sports has created and provided a free software for portable devices (tablets) to the Hellenic Coast Guard authorities throughout the country. This software enables the digital inspection of lifeguards on beaches and maritime sports businesses.

For the upcoming year, we plan to expand the functionality of this application (app) to cover inspections on private recreational boats (inflatables, cruisers, etc.). Every year, especially during the summer, thousands of vessels navigate the Greek seas, making the assurance of safe navigation of utmost importance. Additionally, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs will procure an additional 155 portable devices, indicating the government's strong commitment to this initiative.

It should be noted that in our country, this software represents the first application of technology in inspections carried out by a public authority. The use of technology makes compliance with legislation regarding safety at sea and navigation more targeted, straightforward, faster, and more effective.