Observatory for water accidents


Annual report: Observatory for water accidents in Greece:


  • From 2017-2020, each year, on average, 339 people lose their lives at sea while doing leisure activities
  • 7 out of 10 people die at sea because of drowning
  • 79% of people who lose their lives at sea are over 60
  • 70% of people who lose their lives at seas are Greeks
  • 76% of fatal accidents occur at beaches which are "not guarded" by a lifeguard
  • 88% of fatal accidents take place at a beach of the National Beach Register

Internal waters:

  • From 2017-2020, every year 10 people, on average, lose their lives while doing leisure activities
  • 50% of fatal accidents that occur in internal water take place at swimming pools.
  • 53% of people who lose their lives while doing leisure activities range from 18-59

Click here to read in details the Statistical Report regarding drownings and accidents that take place in the aquatic environment for the time period 2017-2020.