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Check - Learn - Care

Safe Water Sports, in collaboration with the Coast Guard - Port Police Directorate, has redesigned an extensive educational - awareness program for students in schools across the country, called CHECK - LEARN - CARE. This program was launched by the Coast Guard five years ago for the 1st and 2nd class of primary school in order to inform citizens about the protection of human’s life and the reduction of accidents and drownings in the sea. Through the collaboration with Safe Water Sports, the program was completely redesigned and recently (in Spring 2016) received the approval of the Ministry of Education for its introduction to the primary and secondary education. This training, which has as a main objective the consolidation of the safety guidelines regarding the stay at the beach, swimming, sea and water sports, now concerns students of all age groups and it is conducted in March till June of the school year on a nationwide basis each year.

The training program is based on the following categories of students:

1st, 2nd and 3rd primary school (1st level)
4th, 5th and 6th primary school (1st level)
1st, 2nd and 3rd high school (2st grade)

Secondary school students are trained in March and April of each year (before the beginning of the exams) while primary school students are trained in May and June. 

Thanks to Safe Water Sports's cooperation with the Coast Guard, the program was redesigned to cover all school classes. The Coast Guard contributes to this effort by providing the port employees, who work in the country's port authorities, and take over the role of presenter-instructor, while Safe Water Sports is in charge of designing and implementing the content of the awareness material in order to attract children's attention.

Each year 35,000 students are informed through the educational program


The CHECK - LEARN - CARE program includes:

  • Tips and guidelines that children need to know about their safety at the beach, in the sea and in water sports (depending on their age).
  • Interactive power points with comic illustrations and animations in order to present and explain the safety guidelines to students.
  • A series of educational - awareness videos that were designed to stimulate students' interest and at the same time to be easily communicated and shared on social media or presented in public spots.
  • 3D animation video
  • Fairy tales and songs for young children

With the generous sponsorship of the Neraida Floating Museum by Latsis Foundation and Niarchos Foundation, a series of educational videos was created with the participation of leading Greek Olympic champions and athletes of wet track. More specifically, the following athletes are involved:


Safe Water Sports has also created an online educational platform, the Safe Water Sports Academy for children and teenagers of 5 to 16 years of age. The educational material that is provided through the Safe Water Sports Academy is also used by the Coast Guard Department of the Ministry of Maritime for the education of children in the classrooms of public schools throughout the country within the framework of the approved program of the Ministry of Education under the name "CHECK - LEARN - CARE".

In order to access this educational material through the Safe Water Sports Academy you only need a computer with an Internet access. The system is already structured in such a way that offers the right educational content depending on the age of the participant. At the same time, it enables instructors to structure on their own way the formula of the educational program, based on their particular needs.


Interactive games, especially for the young ages, is considered to be the most effective means of education. For this reason, we created a "educational bag" that includes Playmobil games (recreation of a beach and sea activities), activity cards, color books, story cubes etc. in order to educate children through games and fun.

The ''educational bag'' is suitable for schools, children's camps, hotels, swimming pools, etc.

For further information regarding the educational program please click one of the following:


The design and the development of the new educational material was completed thanks to the donation of Stavros Niarchos Foundation.