Aqua scooter

  • 1. Their circulation is prohibited: a) when adverse weather conditions prevail and also before sunrise and after sunset. Unless otherwise specified in this Regulation and in the already issued approvals granted according to the procedure of Article 36 of the General Port Regulation No. 20 (B' 444/26-4-1999), as it was in force before the implementation of paragraph 3 of Article 74 of Law 4504/2017, or which were approved or will be approved by paragraph 3 of Article 74 of Law 4504/2017, the rental of water recreational craft is prohibited: i) when the wind blows with an intensity greater than five Beaufort or above thirty-eight kilometers per hour. ii) when visibility is limited. b) at a distance greater than five hundred (500) meters from the coastline. c) Handling by a person younger than fifteen (15) years of age or by a person, regardless of age, who does not know how to swim.
    2.During its operation, the operator must cover his head with a plastic cap and wear an individual life belt.
    3.The operator must demonstrate due care and attention to avoid disturbing swimmers.
    4. It is permitted to start it from the beach, and the use of the sea lane of Article 27 is not mandatory in case of rental.