• 1. Hovercrafts or Hover cruising is prohibited

    1. when traveling on land
    2. when the number of occupants is greater than the maximum number specified by the manufacturer
    3. during adverse weather conditions and prior to sunrise and after sunset hours.

    2. Hovercrafts Operators must hold a valid powerboat Marine License and a valid trainers license issued by the manufacturer

    3. The vessel must be registered with the Hellenic Port Authorities and equipped with all mandatory equipment and supplies as specified by the operating license.

    4. Operating Hovercraft is prohibited from when

    1. the distance is less than three hundred (300) meters from the customary locations accessed and frequented by swimmers when at coastlines where floating buoys are not evident.
    2. the distance is less than two hundred (200) meters measured from the outer edges of floating buoys (ref. Article 26), used to mark and set the boundaries for bathing beaches frequented by swimmers, etc.
    3. travelling in speeds greater that five (5) knots and the distances are less than five hundred (500) meters from any and all coastlines regardless of the presence of swimmers.

    5. The starting point /return for rental Hovercrafts is allowed to and from designated sea areas via a) the floating platform as noted in Article #28 b) a specific, predefined mooring or buoy as noted in Article #29 c) the vessel noted in Article #30 d) any sea area or waterway with a distance greater than the limits (distances) set in paragraph ¶5.

    In cases where the distances of a), b) and c) are less than those listed in paragraph 4 of this Article, then the vessel, when starting or returning from/to shore, is required to travel at speeds less than five (5) knots so as to avoid triggering the rules and requirements listed in the paragraph above.

    6. The transferring of individuals between the shoreline and the specific starting points listed above that are interested in operating a Hovercraft, is permitted via the use of non-motorized and motorized craft, excluding sea bikes, Jet Skis and Hover Crafts, and only when traveling in designated waterways and at a maximum speed of five (5) knots.