• 1.      The circulation of the hovercraft is prohibited: a) on land, b) at a distance less than three hundred meters from the usual point where swimmers reach in sea areas that are not marked with floating buoys, c) at a distance less than two hundred meters from the outer part of the floating buoys defined in Article 26, d) at a distance less than five hundred meters from the coastline in areas without swimmers, when moving at a speed greater than five knots, e) under adverse weather conditions, as well as before sunrise and after sunset, f) when carrying more occupants than specified by the manufacturer.

    2.      The operator of the hovercraft holds a license for operating fast vessels, as well as a training license issued by the manufacturer.

    3.      The vessel is registered in the Registry of Vessels of Small Passenger Ships (B.E.M.S.) and equipped with all the equipment required by the navigation license. All equipment is suitable for immediate use, and the expiration date of the equipment has not passed.

    4.      The departure and return of the rented hovercraft are allowed from and to: a) the floating platform defined in Article 28, b) the specific buoy - mooring point of Article 28, c) the anchored vessel of Article 29, d) any point of the sea located at a distance greater than the limits of paragraph 1.

    5.      In case, according to the decision of the committee of Article 35, the points of paragraphs a), b), and c) of paragraph 4 are at distances less than those provided in paragraph 1, the departure and return of the hovercraft are allowed at the lowest possible speed, according to the vessel's construction type, with the aim of ensuring the safety of swimmers, until reaching the respective sea point for which paragraph 1 does not apply.

    6.      The transportation of individuals wishing to operate the hovercraft from the lessor's location to the starting points of paragraph 4 and vice versa is allowed to be done by recreational sea means, except for individual watercraft - jet skis and the hovercraft, provided that it moves within a designated lane and does not exceed a speed of five knots.