• 1. Operators, riders may not exceed the limit of two, where one of the individuals must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

    2. Operating a vessel is prohibited

    1. When using an engine or sail
    2. During adverse weather conditions as well as prior tp sunrise and after sunset. On each occasion, based on the General Port Regulation No 20 (B 444 / 26-4-1999), the use of novel recreational activities, which have been or will be approved in accordance with the applicable provisions, is prohibited when the Beaufort wind measures more than five (5) and when visibility is limited.
    3. At rockbound, rough coastal areas
    4. At sea-areas where the riders cannot swim to shore
    5. At beaches where with swimmers and for distances less than 50 meters from swimmers 
    6. When used for anything other than recreational activities such as transferring goods, individuals, as a life raft, for fishing., etc.

    3. Vessels must be equipped with two personal flotation devices for riders

    4. Operating a vessel is prohibited in distances greater than 100 meters from the shoreline