• 1. Prohibited: a) The circulation of the catamaran under adverse weather conditions, as well as before sunrise and after sunset, b) The circulation of the catamaran at a distance less than one hundred meters from the usual point where swimmers reach and within the boundaries of the floating buoys specified in Article 26, c) The boarding of more people on the catamaran than allowed in the navigation license, d) The handling of the catamaran by individuals under the age of sixteen, as well as by individuals, regardless of age, who do not know how to swim. For individuals under the age of consent, boarding the catamaran and handling it is allowed under the following conditions: da) After the consent of the person exercising parental custody or guardianship, in accordance with the Civil Code, who also certifies that the minor knows how to swim, db) If an adult person who knows how to swim boards the catamaran and certifies that they know how to handle the catamaran, dc) If, in the case of a rented catamaran, it does not move beyond a distance of one thousand meters from the lessor's activity area, and under the condition that the lessor or the responsible person appointed by them continuously monitors the catamaran's course using a suitable means, as deemed appropriate, dd) In subparagraph dc), if it concerns a single-seat catamaran, the lessor or any other person in an employment relationship with them accompanies the minor with a suitable means and at a distance not exceeding one hundred meters from the catamaran during its use. The minors accompanied by the aforementioned person shall not exceed two and follow the instructions of the aforementioned person.
    2. All passengers must wear individual life jackets.
    3. The catamaran is registered in a logbook or Register Book for Small Vessels (B.E.M.S.) and has written on both sides its name and the registration number in the logbook or B.E.M.S."

  • 1. Article 2 (Interpretation) of the Protection of Swimmers at sea - Laws of 1968 and 1986 - Law 72/1968 and Law 12/1986:
    "Boat" means any motor or sailing vessel and includes a surfboard, a sea bike, a canoe, a sea scooter and any other floating means capable of putting in danger the safety of swimmers at sea as well as trailers under them;
    2. Its use and entrance to the sea is prohibited in a bathing area. 
    Article 4 (1) Prohibition of transit through the areas:
    4 .- (1) The declaration of the area shall be prohibited when it
    (a) passes through it 
    (b) is docked or parked therein
    3. It is prohibited to be attached to buoys that mark the bathing areas.
    Article 4 (B) It is prohibited when:
    4B. Any person who attaches any impure or other object to any buoy within the sea through which the area is designated, or interferes in any way with such buoy, then he is guilty of a criminal offense.