• 1. Is prohibited

    1. For individuals younger than sixteen (16) years of age and to individuals who cannot swim properly. Individuals who are younger than the minimum age requirements, are allowed to ride in the following cases:
      1. with the consent of the parental guardian in accordance with the provisions of the CA. who certifies that the minor knows swimming
        ii. when there is an adult on board the Catamaran who knows swimming  and certifies that he knows how to handle a Catamaran and
        iii. in the case of a leased Catamaran this shall not be more than one thousand (1,000) meters from the landing post on the seashore or in the designated marine area, and the lessor or the person who was put in charge by him, must  constantly monitor and have the control of the Catamaran
        iv. In the above case (iii), if this is a single seat Catamaran, then the lessor or other person affiliated with him via their employment relationship, shall accompany the minor within a distance of no more than one hundred (100) meters from the Catamaran. The maximum number of minors accompanied by the above mentioned person shall not exceed two (2) and minors must follow the instructions of the person who is in charge. 
    2. During adverse weather conditions and prior to sunrise and after sunset hours. 
      On each occasion, based on the General Port Regulation No 20 (B 444 / 26-4-1999), the use of novel recreational activities, which have been or will be approved in accordance with the applicable provisions, is prohibited when the Beaufort wind measures more than five (5) and when visibility is limited.
    3. When the number of occupants is greater than the maximum number specified by marine license.
    4. When the distance is less than one hundred (100) meters in sea areas commonly used by swimmers. At beaches where floating buoys are mandatory to mark boundaries, catamarans are allowed to navigate on the outer sides of such.

    2. All operators are required to wear a specially designed Personal Floatation Devices (PFD).

    3. Catamarans must be registered with the Hellenic Port Authorities and must display the vessels name on both sides along with the assigned Port and Ports’ registration number.

    4. Leased Catamarans that do not navigate greater than one thousand (100) meters from the lessor launching point on shore, are monitored closely by the lessor, and when the above paragraph ¶2 requirements’ are enforced, then the standard emergency and safety fire equipment, flares, etc. are not mandatory.



  • 1. Article 2 (Interpretation) of the Protection of Swimmers at sea - Laws of 1968 and 1986 - Law 72/1968 and Law 12/1986:
    "Boat" means any motor or sailing vessel and includes a surfboard, a sea bike, a canoe, a sea scooter and any other floating means capable of putting in danger the safety of swimmers at sea as well as trailers under them;
    2. Its use and entrance to the sea is prohibited in a bathing area. 
    Article 4 (1) Prohibition of transit through the areas:
    4 .- (1) The declaration of the area shall be prohibited when it
    (a) passes through it 
    (b) is docked or parked therein
    3. It is prohibited to be attached to buoys that mark the bathing areas.
    Article 4 (B) It is prohibited when:
    4B. Any person who attaches any impure or other object to any buoy within the sea through which the area is designated, or interferes in any way with such buoy, then he is guilty of a criminal offense.