Sea Doo - sea scooter

  • 1.Its circulation is prohibited when there are adverse weather conditions as well as prior to sunrise and after sunset.

    2. When its circulation is more than five hundred (500) meters away from the coastline, this is prohibited.

    3.It is forbidden to be operated by anyone under the age of sixteen (16) years of age as well as by a person who does not know swimming. During the traction, the operator has his head covered with a plastic cap.

    4.The operator is really careful and avoids disturbing the rest of the swimmers.

    5.Its entrance can occur by the seashore and the use of sea channnel not mandatory as in Article 27 of the LUG maritime channel No 20 is not mandatory.

    6.In case it is used for diving by using a non-autonomous diving device, fishing shall be prohibited and the special prohibitions laid down in Article 13 of General Port Regulation No. 5 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia) shall apply accordingly. 858 BH / 18-11-94) as amended by paragraph 17 of Article 2 of the LUG No. 8 (Government Gazette 95 B / 13-2-95) and the provisions of the General Port Regulations specifying the terms, conditions and prohibitions regarding underwater activities in our country.