Water polo goalpost

  •  1. Assembly and use of such equipment is permitted only when organized by professionals and is not permitted for personal usage.
    2. Rental licenses are issued in accordance with the known terms and conditions under Articles 42 and 43 of this Regulation, in addition to the following additional terms and conditions:
    a. The respective CE markings must be clearly displayed and in cases where this mark is not required, then those responsible must obtain a manufacturers confirmation certifying that passengers are no subject to any risks when using the equipment under normal conditions.

    b. The assembly of such equipment is prohibited near rocky shores, in shallow waters with rocky seabeds, in unprotected bays, coves, inlets, and in depths less than fifty (50) centimeters or greater than two (2) meters.
    c. The renting of such equipment is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset hours. The equipment, the lessors/owners responsibility, must be disassembled and removed an hour after sunset the at latest and reassembled no earlier than an hour before sunrise.
    d. The lessor must assure that a qualified lifeguard is employed and present during the duration of the lease of such equipment in accordance to the respective Act 23/2000 (A’18). Note that a lifeguard stand and/or special gear stand is not required.