Water buggy

  • 1. Individuals less than sixteen (16) of years of age and those who do not know how to swim are prohibited to operate/drive the Waterbuggy. Individuals who are younger than the minimum age requirement yet know how to swim are permitted to participate if accompanied by an adult.
    2. Driving a Waterbuggy is prohibited in cases when:
    a. The wind speeds are greater than four (4) Beaufort and when waves are higher than 0,3 meters.
    b. The distance is greater than five hundred (500) meters from the coastline, in addition to unprotected coves, bays, or inlets.
    c. The distance is less than two hundred (200) meters from the shoreline and at sea areas where swimmers are present yet floating buoys are not evident.
    At beach areas where floating buoys are mandatory to mark limits, travel is permitted on the outer side of the buoys only.

    d. The outboard electric motor exceeds eleven and one (11,1) KW and when a protective casing is not available.
    e. The number of passengers exceeds two (2) or the total weight of the supplies and passengers combined exceeds one hundred-seventy (170) kilos.
    f. The speed is greater than four (4) knots.
    g. Before sunrise and after the sunset hours.
    3. Emergency supplies must be appropriately stored in a clearly marked, waterproof storage space includes one (1) fire extinguisher, one (1) smoke detector, and two (2) flares, one (1) anchor with attached rope and one five (5) meter tow rope.
    4. Riders must wear Personal Flotation Devices and a whistle at all times.
    5. Takeoff and landing to and from the coastline is permitted only via the designated waterway noted in Article 49.
    6. The terms and conditions in this article, excluding paragraph 5, are also applicable and mandatory for such watercraft owned and operated for personal use.