Aqua paddle boat

  •  1. Operating an Aqua Paddleboat is prohibited when:
    a. Individuals are less than ten (10) of years of age
    b. Individuals do not know how to swim.
    Individuals who are younger than the minimum age requirement yet know how to swim are permitted to participate if accompanied by an adult.
    2. Riding a Aqua Paddle Boat is prohibited when:
    a. In rocky sea areas and when in unprotected bays, coves, or inlets.
    b. The wind speeds are greater than four (4) Beaufort
    c. Before sunrise and after sunset hours
    d. The depths are less than fifteen (15) centimeters and greater than three (3) meters.
    e. The speed is greater than one (1) knot.
    f. The total number of riders exceeds the manufacturers specifications.
    g. In sea areas where visibility is limited or unavailable between the lessor and the leased craft.
    h. Utilized for any other usage other than recreational (ex. for transporting freight, or people, as a lifeboat, for fishing, etc.)
    3. Riders must be seated during travel and must wear a Personal Flotation Devices and a whistle at all times.
    4. The terms and conditions in this article, excluding item F, par. 2, also apply to such craft owned and operated for personal use.