Safe Water Sports: End year report - 2015

Safe Water Sports, the non-profit organization, completed the first six months from the official start of its operations, with a brief reference to the actions and initiatives that were implemented in 2015.

 The main objectives achieved are:

  1. Recorded for the first time on a nationwide scale, in cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard,
    • All watersports centers with their respective licenses
    • All beaches which must have lifeguard
  2. Dissemination of this information to citizens through our web site in order to enhance transparency and accountability.
  3. Equip the Helenic Coast Guard with special software for the organization and coordination of police monitoring.
  4. Inform people about the basic safety rules to be aware of.
  5. Raise the community's awareness regarding safety in water sports and water recreation, especially for children.
  6. Raise the importance of a reform in the existing legisaltion both for the public and private sector. in order to strengthen the safety framework.