Educational Program for Primary Schools


Implementation of the educational program for the school year 2023-2024


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A). Skill Labs

(Primary schools & kindergartens)

Since September 2020, the educational program of Safe Water Sports called "Safety at sea, in water sports and in swimming pool" that addresses to students of 2nd grade-6th grade and the educational program ''Safety at sea & in the swimming pool'' for kindergartens, have been included in the Skill Labs of the Ministry of Education in the sectionLive better - Live well --HEALTH: Self-care, Safety and Prevention, Road Safety.Thare educational programs that have been added to the official curriculum of schools in Greece. (kindergartens are subject to perform both programs)

According to the Ministry of Education, Skill Labs, provide students with life skills, mild skills and digital literacy skills. The Skill Labs are an innovative didactic and educational activity, which is suggested a thematic cycle at Kindergarten and primary schools.From now on, the educational program of Safe Water Sports is an official programm proposed by the Ministry of Education itself giving the opportunity to teachers to attend seminards on how to teach the material too. 

The required educational material that is used by the designed platform of IEP, entitled "Platform 21+", provides the content of the material that is needed, audiovisual educational material and / or worksheets, suggested school activities for laboratory and experiential approach to the topic, assessment and self-assessment sheets and in some cases, informational material for parents. 

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In order to download the educational material that will be taught at Skill Labs, you can click on the following links:


2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

6th Grade

Manual for the teacher of primary school:


B). E-Learning Platform

What does it include?

The e-learning platform of the educational program for primary schools, approved by the Ministry of Education in Greece & the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, is considered as an additional educational material of Skill Labs that includes more than 50 activities that combine learning and fun and provides the safety rules at sea, in the swimming pool and in water sports.

The e-learning platform of the educational program for kindergartens, approved by the Ministry of Education, is considered as an additional educational material of Skill Labs that includes activities that present the safety rules at sea & the beach, in the swimming pool, at the pool of a hotel/house and at home (while bathing). Tip: Kindergartens are eligible to perforf both programs.

All the supporting material, for teachers and students is distributed through the online platform of Safe Water Sports Academy that can also be used by the teacher and Safe Water Sports to monitor the progress of each team.

How is it practiced?

The activities of the program are interdisciplinary (combining such disciplines as arts, language, social education, geography, physics, music, I.T., etc.) and can be implemented during the school program while performing Skills Workshops too.

Click here to download the brochure of the program for primary schools.

Click here to download the brochure of the program for kindergartens.

The goal of each class is to accomplish the majority of the program’s  activities and at least one activity of each thematic topic. In this case, the activity’s implementation is considered as complete and successful. All students participating in the program will receive the "Sea Musketeer" badge. At the end, Safe Water Sports awards the students and the volunteer Teachers who supervised the Program by distributing them a Certificate of Participation.

What's the participation procedure to the e-learning platform?

Step 1 - Submission of participation application

For the online application the user selects the educational program of primary education and clicks on "Application".
On the next page, if you are a new user, you select ΄΄Sign up΄΄ and fill in the required fields. (name, email / username, password, school, etc.) If you already have an account, from your previous participation in the program, you just enter the data (username, password) and click on Participation.

Step 2 - Activation

When the instructor submits the application, he will receive an approval/confirmation email by the Organization. 

Then he logins the online Safe Water Sports Academy by filling in his username/password in order to gain access to the content.

Step 3 - Implementation

The instructor chooses the activities he wishes to perform with his students. For each section, he can upload the required proof of material, such as photos, word docs etc. In order to upload this material, the instructor logins the platform and selects ''Upload material'' on the menu. He has to upload either one photo per activity by writing a title either all of the material through a zip file. In order for him to reassure the upload of the material, he must be able to see it uploaded himself too, otherwise it is considered as unseccesful. 

What is the Conference of the Sea Musketeers?

Each October, the Organization hosts the  "Conference of the Sea Musketeers’’, in Athens, in which 13 missions participate, (one from each prefecture) and one mission from each region of Cyprus. Each prefecture will be represented by the school that completed most of the program’s activities and the delegation will consist of the Volunteer Teacher and the student leader of the Group accompanied by his/her parents. The duration of the conference will be one day and the purpose is to exchange opinions, share experiences and best practices with the aim of continuously improving the educational program. The inviFurthermore, on the online platform of the training program, a list of the schools that participated in the program every year will be presented as well as a sample of the work that was completed by the participants (if they so wish).

Watch here the "Conference of the Sea Musketeers’ 2022 & the work of students for the school year 2021-2022.

Watch here the "Conference of the Sea Musketeers’ 2021 & the work of students for the school year 2020-2021.

Watch here the "Conference of the Sea Musketeers’ 2020 & the work of students for the school year 2019-2020.

Watch here the "Conference of the Sea Musketeers’ 2019 & the work of students for the school year 2018-2019.


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Founding donor of the educational program: Stavros Niarchos Foundation