Sailing - sailing boat

Sailing Boat

Sailing - sailing boat

 1. Sailing is prohibited when

a. Individuals operating the sailboat are less than sixteen (16) years of age and when they cannot swim. Individuals less than the minimum age requirement can board in cases when
i. Such individuals/minors can swim properly and only when they are accompanied by adults
ii. Such sailboats are leased, the parents/ legal guardians ultimately maintain responsibility and must provide parental consent, in addition to confirming the minors’ ability to swim properly. Their use is restricted to One Thousand (1000) meters from the launching point on shore and must be visible and monitored by the lessor at all times.
b. During severe or adverse weather conditions and during the hours prior to sunrise and after sunset.
c. Distances are less than Two Hundred (200) meters from the customary locations accessed and/or frequented by swimmers. When at beaches where floating buoys are mandatory, sailing is allowed only beyond such markers.

2. Sailboats must be registered with Β.Ε.Μ.Σ. Hellenic Port Authority and must display the vessels name on both sides along with the assigned registration number.

3. Passengers on sailboats must wear personal flotation devices.

4. Sailboats must meet and adhere to the standard emergency and safety/fire equipment requirements in addition to the maximum allowed number of passengers as noted on the respective operating license. Leased vessels that stay within the one thousand (1000) meter perimeter from the shoreline and which are visible and constantly monitored by the lessor, are excluded from the requirement regarding standard emergency and safety/fire equipment but continue to satisfy the previous paragraphs conditions.