1. Are prohibited

  1. For individuals younger than sixteen (16) years of age and when individuals cannot swim properly. Individuals younger than the minimum age requirements, are allowed to ride in cases:
    1. When the riders or operators know how to swim properly
    2. If the catamaran is leased, parents/ legal guardians maintain responsibility, must provide parental consent, in addition to confirming the minors ability to swim properly. Their use is restricted to one thousand (1000) meters from the launching point on shore and must be visible and monitored by the lessor at all times.
  2. During adverse weather conditions and prior to sunrise and after sunset hours.
  3. When the number of occupants is greater than the maximum number specified by marine license.
  4. When the distance is less than one hundred (100) meters in sea areas commonly used by swimmers. At beaches where floating buoys are mandatory to mark boundaries, catamarans are allowed to navigate on the outer sides of such.

2. All operators are required to wear a specially designed Personal Floatation Devices (PFD).

3. Catamarans must be registered with the Hellenic Port Authorities and must display the vessels name on both sides along with the assigned Port and Ports’ registration number.

4. Leased Catamarans that do not navigate greater than one thousand (100) meters from the lessor launching point on shore, are monitored closely by the lessor, and when the above paragraph ¶2 requirements’ are enforced, then the standard emergency and safety fire equipment, flares, etc. are not mandatory.